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To the field of battle!

Although taking part in a skirmish campaign is the main drive of this blog and really the army as a whole, I will be playing "full" games of Age of Sigmar with the Ordeshal Host.

Tonight was the first of these games, with the host defeating a force of Seraphon who had been caught out in the blighted plains of M'nchtyr Aran'dl. My, as yet unamed Mourngul, was pushed to the brink of destruction but rallied after defeating a Saurus Oldblood riding a Carnosaur.

The Host Arrayed

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The Fyrst Tale...

“What is my name?”

The Whyte Lady looked out at the windswept clearing, which was dominated by a skull laden tower, sheathed her blade and smiled.
Her retainers had done well in scouring the humans and strangely garbed orruks from the structure although the pest Radclyffe had got himself shattered at the hands of the largest of the green beasts and his soul had needed plucking from the ether before the Great Necromancer had noticed…that fool would give them away! The Lady had not fled into the cursed Harrowmark just to be pulled back by the Lord of Undeath to have her soul consumed.She had lost her mortal shell to his rage, she would not lose everything…
Noisy Wylliam staggered out of the forest groaning, blood staining his hands and dripping down his legs...blood…that had meant something to the Lady in her past…
“Come Wylliam! We move on.” 
The Whyte Lady turned with a practised, almost courtly flourish and headed towards the tower with William staggering close behind, moaning with ev…

The Ordeshal Host march to war...

And so, newly christened (thanks to Warboss Kurgan), the Ordeshal Host, led by the spirit of the slain Whyte Lady have fled from the wrath of Nagash, deep into the Harrowmark and in there stumbled across other warbands and ne'er do wells...

The Ordeshal Host of the Whyte Lady, Lyrd Radclyffe and Noisy Wylliam.  Photo by Warboss Kurgan

Into the Harrowmark!
This was the first game in our Harrowmark Run Age of Sigmar skirmish campaign which was a threeway clash.  I will put up a proper write up as soon as I have better photos stolen from my adverseries.

When is a Mourngul not a Mourngul?

So of course, I need an Mourngul if my force is going to pack any punch on the battlefields of Shyish.  However, I really do not like the "official" Forge World figure, it just doesn't tally with the rest of the army for me and I hate the in-built horse at its base.

Scouring the rest of GW's range I remembered the C'tan Shard Nightbringer which, to my eyes, is a perfect towering ghostly figure. Even better I had been given the majority of a Nightbringer figure by the most excellent and generous Tears of Envy minus the scythe.  A quick weapon swap later, add my patent basic paint job and Bob's your uncle:

Change of plan(s)

Having completed one Age of Sigmar Skirmish campaign and learning a couple of lessons I have decided to rejig my starting line up from the one that I presented below.

As we starting the Harrowmark campaign with a hefty 35 renown points I decided to go for something a little different and chose a Vampire Lord.  However to fit her into the general ghosts and spooks vibe of the army I painted her identically to the other miniatures and have called her the White Lady.

I have stolen this name from the White Lady of Ordsall Hall which is just down the road from me. Seems like a perfect fit really!

To accompany the White Lady I have Lyrd Radclyffe, a Hexwraith, who is named after another spook of Ordsall Hall, Lord Radcliffe.  This ghost apparently goes around pinching ladies bums so we shall see how he behaves in game...

Lastly is Noisy William.  Basically I needed 3 models to make the warband legal. I had 1 point left and a Zombie fit the bill!  He is "Noisy" as he is the dedica…

Music to explore dungeons by...

Bandcamp recently published this excellent piece on Dungeon Synth which has introduced me to a genre I never knew existed but have always wanted!

The music of Spectral Kingdom has become my defacto theme for my Malignants...

A year later...

Well, this has been some time but the last year has been one of the most productive of my hobbying life with the amount of painting and gaming I have been getting in.

Age of Sigmar has totally revitalised my playing habits and with the trend of skirmish games being released by GW (Shadow Wars & Age of Sigmar Skirmish) I am getting in more games than ever.

Recently I have joined up with Warboss Kurgan and Godfather Viktor to play a Shadow Wars campaign and now we are moving on to Age of Sigmar...handily set in the Realm of Shyish...specifically in the Harrowmark

Gaming will commence soon but I have got my warband together and ready to serve the undying lord...

A Warning to the Curious Cairn Wraith - Nathaniel
Spirit Host - The Ager
Zombie - William

Spirits, forever held in Shadespire, defending the old family treasure from plunders who venture to the city from across the Mortal Realms.