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Back from exile and to the Fields of Blood

I am back from my trip down to the Big Smoke in the Realm of Metal so can finally catch up on my blogging.

The last clash that the Ordeshal Host talk part in was a skirmish around the crash site of an airship, full of plunder and currently swarming with humans and orruks...familiar foes.

A Wylliam eye view of the field

The Ogresuns and the Gilded Hand clash in the centre of the field with Lyrd Radclyiffe and Squire Percy being held at the edge.

By the time they are freed most of the blood had already been spilt between the orruks and humans

The White Lady was noticible in her absence during this battle, only stalking forward near the climax to cast arcance majicks at any foes still bearing arms.  She was unable to stop Kalyustar of the Guilded Hand from retreiving his prize from the wreckage and escaping deep into the forest...

However, something could surely be done with all these tortured souls still freshly freed of their mortal husks...

(Much more detailed accounts of this clash can be found both here and here courtesy of my excellent opponents Viktor and Warboss Kurgan.)


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